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Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Directions in Postermania

I've noticed an interesting trend in BP posterland. It's no longer internet. It's no longer even kosher cellphones (a real non-issue in America I think, except in the eyes of certified nut cases).

It's computers in general - even for Magidei Shiur (Rov Rosenbloom per poster).

It seems to be any computer in the house, even unconnected (R' Solomon per poster).

Would anyone use an MD or JD (attorney) who didn't utilize a computer?

Is Torah less important?

And before you tell me Torah was learned before computers - of course it was. But law and medicine were practiced before computers, too!

So why not use a 1950's hospital?


Anonymous deerson said...

the Noviminsker Rebbe was quoted in the Jewish Observer that dealt with the internet,"HaLevai our children would not have to use a computer for homework." i don't think the sentiments expressed in the posters are exclusively people on the outer fringes of the orthodoxy society. there is a schism within the frum community which will only grow deeper with time. How much of a barrier is needed to protect ourselves from the destructive influences of secular society? Is it just a computer filter or is it real wall
of mortar and bricks in a closed community like New Square? Sorry to say but i don't think there is one answer which will cover every person and his unique situation. It depends on who you are are from whence thou has come and where you will be in the future. personally i would be disappointed if everyone would be the same, marching in lockstep. We are part of a symphony its just a matter whether you like classical, modern, or whatever moves you closer to Hashem.

1:44 PM  
Blogger pro ban said...

Look at the "doctor manual" of the 1950's in comparison to 2006. No shaychis. 2 worlds.

The chumash in 1950 is the exact same text as 2006 (maybe a nicer font/print etc..)

The point being is that torah doesn't change. Yes, it improves. More chidushei torah etc.. but the core is the same.

Because torah is MORE important, we need to preserve the original torah. The torah that we always sat and "hureved" on.

Assuring computers in general. Not to allow torah to become a hard drive.

But to remain a living torah.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Leapa said...


Torah's the same. But are we?

And should we be? Does Hashem expect or want us to be ?

I think not.

The dangers are clear. Nevertheless, I think Hashem gives us technology, computers and medical, as a chesed.

You think it's only a nisuyon. And that's a problem

11:41 AM  
Anonymous deerson said...

Pro Ban
is technology evil and by extension are the makers of technology evil? i thought Judaism believed in the innate goodness of every Yid. what happened to people in this discussion.

2:04 PM  
Blogger ליפא שנילצער said...

let me make it simple i know you are wrong, but its to hard to explain why

10:49 PM  

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