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Friday, January 27, 2006

Catch 22 - Hamastan

I would have normally left the last post up at the top for a while, but Hamas' win has just disturbed me so much.

Since Arafat's return not one school was built in his territories. Education was limited to hate.

Hence the Catch 22. We got democracy, but 15 years of Arafat sponsored (mis) education has changed the perceived needs and goals of the residents of Gaza and the WB.

I don't think Bush figured on that , and neither would most well meaning people.

Arafat wins the election again in death.

Rabbi Y. Frand quotes R' Yerucham Levovitz on this weeks' Parsha asking why Moshe Rabbeinu had to go through the motions of praying to remove each plague.
We all know that each plague is to be removed until the tenth. Why pray for it?

He answers that it's to teach us the efficacy and importance of prayer.

If prayer is the answer to the known, it is probably the only answer to the unknown - the future of Jews in Israel.


Anonymous deerson said...

if the palestinian follow traditional historical patterns there should be a very bloody civil war coming up in the near future. i don't see too much similarity between Hamas and Fatah to the Palmach and the Irgun. i think you give them too much credit in getting their act together. they remind more of Al Capone and the St. Valentine Day Massacre.
i think tefilah is in order in terms of limiting the collateral damage which is inevitable in such a highly volatile situation.

8:11 PM  
Blogger HumanBeforeJewish said...

truth is, i'd rather be dealing with an open fanatical enemy than with an enemy who pretends to be a diplomatic friend. as we say in psalms and in hallel, g-d protect me from my "friends" and i'll protect myself from my "enemies"

8:28 PM  

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