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Friday, February 17, 2006

Pent Up Anger?

The news and blog worlds are buzzing about the provocative, hostile, and unprofessional behavior of the White House Press corpse (sic) at the Wednesday press conference about the Whittington shooting.

Juan Williams of NPR characterized it as pent up anger over Cheney's reticence to the press harking back to the prehistory of the undisclosed attendees at the Energy Policy meetings.

While it is evident by our supine posture to the Arab world today that the energy policy was flawed, that does not excuse these journalistic dilettantes.
Bloggers like Powerline are far more professional, even in person interviewing newsmakers.

How can these 'reporters' claim to be professionals and yet harbor grudges?
Are they married?

Of course, if the 'missing day' really is a conspiracy, and that's why they're all worked up, they'll have to admit that Cheney's aim has sure deteriorated since he was the unidentified second shooter in the Kennedy assassination!


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