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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Halevei !!

Cross-Currents released the following press release on their results in the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards (first paragraph only):

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Orthodox Blog Takes Top Awards

Countering all stereotypes, Orthodox writers nab top honors in the newest of new media.

BALTIMORE, MD – February 9, 2006 – Cross-Currents, a “blog” written by traditional Orthodox Rabbis and teachers, today took first place honors in the Second Annual Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards, sponsored by the IsraellyCool blog and the Jerusalem Post. Countering portrayals of the Orthodox as technological Luddites who have banned the Internet, Cross-Currents, sponsored by the Jewish outreach organization Project Genesis, won the gold as both the Best Group Blog and Best Designed, while finishing second only to the Jerusalem Post’s own Dry Bones cartoon in the Best Overall category.

OK, let's see this again. "Countering portrayals of the Orthodox as technological Luddites who have banned the Internet".

You mean, all those posters, the edicts of every chareidi Bais Din, the Lakewood Ban - all figments of Leapa's imagination. Uh-huh.

Cross Currents, I don't want to get personal - but . . . are you Orthodox?


Anonymous deerson said...

maybe now you will believe me that being orthodox is in the mind of the beholder.

10:40 PM  

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