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Monday, January 30, 2006

Catch 22 - Hamastan Part II

Caroline Glick writes a crisp article here putting forth the proposition that the Hamas win is a result of "international bluster backed by policy paralysis" by both Israel and the West. I did not necessarily oppose the Sharon Gaza withdrawal. However, at this juncture we find ourselves without Gaza, without stability in Gaza, without Sharon, and without a clear path forward.

While I would love to take Bibi at face value, I too well remember his last go-round as PM, when he spoke loudly and carried no stick.

The point which is always missing in the Likud-niks' speeches as well as Ms Glick's article is the question of whether the people of Israel, and particularly those age groups subject to draft, still have the will to fight.

There. That was hard to write, but if the will is not there we may as well start lining up for visas. Hamas and their ilk are depending on the too easy exhaustion and fatigue of the West and Israelis as their tickets to the next caliphate.

One solitary bright spot about Bibi is that if he can resume his economic wonder working as PM then at least we won't have to ask for additional aid for America on top of the additions to the additional aid from America.

But us chareidim won't be too happy.


Anonymous deerson said...

will to fight? did i read that correctly? who is ultimately in control? do you actually believe the zionist clique has ever had a positive constructive role in the Yishuv of Eretz Yisroel. politics is the high art of hypocrisy. it is a neccessary evil. the survival of the Yishuv transcends the will to fight based on a nineteenth century political ideology. the yearning for Yerushalayim did not start with Mr. Hertzel's idea of a homeland to replace Uganda. the hopes and dreams of the Jewish people which spans three millenums will not be decided within a political lexicon.

2:44 PM  

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