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Friday, May 23, 2008

Lebanon War Over High Tech

According to a Wall Street Journal May 22 feature (here or here) the entire mini war in Beirut two weeks ago was over a high tech fiber optic communications network.

A rudimentary version of this network was what enabled Hezbollah to make such a good showing against Israel in 2006.

So now we can add to the causes of war such as land, oil, and prejudice, high tech.

Something we Torah True Jews should have no knowledge of or connection with.


Anonymous Boruch said...

Ok, so we "Torah true Jews" should have no knowledge of high tech or any connection with high tech. Fair enough. I expect you to lead a public protest against Bonei Olam for that reason. I expect you to vilify any one who refuses to sign a DNR in a hospital. I expect you to exorciate any transplant recipients. I expect that if you, chas ve'shalom, need an ambulance you will refuse because the high tech EEG and communications system that might save your life is being used.
Hashem created the world with stepping stones to kedushah and pitfalls to kedushah. He created men with daas, but he didn't necessarily give them the tools to use it.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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