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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The source of the previous post is a 'community calendar' posted every Thurs-Fri all over Boro Park. At left is a scan (torn off, I'm sorry) with contact phone numbers.
Can I make this stuff up ??
On another note, if the sponsor was seeking a zchus for the niftar, would not a supervised internet cafe or even sponsoring filters or a filtered ISP connection for a few 'yingerleit' accomplish more for yiddishkeit and the niftar? Or a kosher cellphone? Perhaps he should ask the Rabbonim who are occupied with Gittin, or a few yiden who are in the supposed unfortunate 80% what would be a more concrete help to them ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but it figures that this "ad" was in Yiddish. It has become unfortunately common that ignoramouses are a main source of information for some sectors of the chareidi community -- sectors that believe everything that "sounds good" and supports what they want to hear.

It doesn't matter that someone made up the 80% figure; this type of person really feels that any lie is justified in order to make sure that those in his circles toe the party line.

And they have a point; if this sector of chareidim were able to access the internet they would be much harder to fool and much more savvy, thus making it much harder to just tell them anything you want so as to have almost complete control over their actions

4:47 PM  

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