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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Entitlements and Oil

Thomas Friedman of the NYT writes a perceptive column about Israeli productivity and innovation entitled "Israel Discovers Oil" (available here for non-subscribers).

In it, Mr. Friedman, no lover of Israel, waxes about young Israelis committed to innovation and expanding Israel's economy, a source of riches that does not wane.

He quotes Israel's leading venture capitalist: “Today, every Israeli Jewish mother wants her son to be a dropout and go create a start-up”.

What do our chareidi Jewish mothers (and fathers) want?

  • Do they want our children to make a creative contribution to Israel, our Orthodox community, and the world and expand wealth?
  • Do they want the Agudah & Co to keep pressing for added entitlements to the point where the Israeli economy is hobbled?
  • Do they want those not destined to be a Chazon Ish to have only the option of melimdus or safrus?
What indeed?


Blogger TheProf said...

I read this blog over and over. I read the questions again and again. So much to say and I have no idea where to start from so I think I'll just ramble. Let's begin with the parsha of the miraglim. Many commentaries say that the sin of the miraglim was second guessing Hashem. Hashem was about to bring the fledgling Jewsih nation to its Promised Land and had guaranteed the total conquering of the land. The miraglim (best translation is scouts rather than spies) saw a fruitful land evidenced by its fruit. How do you get such fruit? You work at it, till, plant, farm, reap. Hey what about eating Mohn and learning all day, with Moshe rabbeinu, Aaron the holy Kohen Gadol, his sons, and the 70 zekeinim? So the miraglim said we can't do this, we can't leave kolel and go to work. Please do not interpret this to mean that I'm against kolel learning. Quite the opposite. The Jewish nation had done its kolel learning in the year after Matan Torah, now it's time to go to work. Torah learning on a permanent basis? Yissocher, Levi, Shimon the teachers. And the rest of Klal Yisroel would work and support them. And that's clearly what Hashem wanted. Fast forward to the huge yeshivos in Bovel, Sura, Nardeah, Pumpediso. The system was to have thousands of talmidim who worked all year and learned part time back home and spent one month in the yeshiva learning and being tested. And the yeshiv ahad its hard core "sitters" all year round. Next comment. Yes we are openly encouraging a generation of parasites (go ahead shoot me). Again I will state that I'm Pro Kolel, for a year, 2 years, 3 years even. If you aren't Rosh Yeshiva material or dayan material, go to work. If you're teacher material, 3 years is good enough. Much more to say but I don't want to write a lerngthy essay. I'll leave that to Hakira. Leapa hey that's an idea. Expand on Rabbi Fried's essay.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous nardeah@hotmail.com said...

My names Nardeah.... why is my name in use on this website... Salom Aleckum

12:21 AM  
Anonymous nardeah@hotmail.com said...

I would actually like to join the jewish community

12:23 AM  

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