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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rebbes and Roshei Yeshiva for the Internet

Well, not exactly.
But I was talking with a good friend, a distinguished mechanech, and of course came around to my pet peeve, the main subject of this blog.
He mentioned that the Stoliner (Karliner) Rebbe of Jerusalem, formerly of America, detests the Kol Korahs prohibiting the internet because:
(1) The internet is a done deal, and the prohibitions are a distraction from whatever can be done, and
(2) Blanket prohibitions of all sorts reduce respect for Daas Torah and Rabbonim, and lead to ignoring Daas Torah and Rabbonim.

Any other talmidei chachamim out there thinking along these lines?



Blogger almost_frei said...

There are many chareidi talmide chachomim and qualified mechanchim (in the yeshivish velt) who agree that all this talk about assuring the interent is shtus. (In my opinion it is actually very harmful.)

Unfortunately they are afraid to publicize their thoughts and risk being ostarcized by the louder shrill voices.

I think it is interesting to see that some rebbes are abandoning the CCC (chumra cheering crowd) and forging their own rational thoughts. The best example of this, is the recent call by the Belzer Rebbe regarding job training for his chassidim. I hope that this type of realistic thinking and action, will at some point influence the yeshivishe velt. I am not holding my breath.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous deerson said...

not everything written should be published and not everything said should be written. unfortunately we americans think it is some kind of mitzvah to babble on and on as some G-d given right secured by the bill of rights in the US constitution. last time i checked the shulchan aruch and hilchos shmiras halashon have not been waived due to an advance in communication technology. when was the last time the ccc impinged upon your freedom of choice. no one in this world can alter another man's ability to live his life as he or she see fit. we lash out at other's and in the mean time become the same kind of caricature in reverse. i will leave the literary references to your imaginations. Hamiv Yavin

3:34 PM  

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