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Friday, March 31, 2006

Lakewood Internet Edict Update

Excerpt from a post on jschick.blogspot.com:

FYI. To date there isn't an enforceable policy in Lakewood with regarding the internet. Originally all parents had to register with their respective yeshivas informing them where they stand in regard to having internet in their homes. The choices were 1) dont have computer 2) have computer but no internet 3) had internet but is now getting rid of it 4)has internet and is willing to schedule an appointment with one of the designated rabbonim to discuss getting an ishur. What seemed to have happened is there is a delay is coming up with the neccessary computer program that they will be giving to all the parents to install in their computers. Therefore they have not given anyone an ishur. So as of now when you go to a rov to talk to him about having internet in your house, all he will say is come back at a future date.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's wrong with having the internet? Currently, there are dozens of programs where you can set parental controls to filter out site content. I believe that these programs have been highly developed over the years.

2:04 PM  

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