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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kosher Phones for America

A new committee is hard at work making a deal with Sprint for Kosher phones in America, similar to the kosher phones in Israel. Rav Matisyahu Solomon and Rav Rosenbloom of Shaarei Yosher are directing the effort.

If the pattern of Israel is followed, the phones will not only not be able to receive unwanted lewd solicitations, but also unable to receive SMS and e-mail messages.

In Israel, only a very basic phone (though it's high-tech looking) passes muster.

I'm uncertain if Blackberry and Treos with their e-mail capabilities are as popular in Israel as here, but I can say from experience that mobile e-mail capability is a must for those hoping to succeed in business.
Particularly for us small fry.
The big guys will always be ahead of the game and within the strictures of takanos, because they get somebody else to do it for them.

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Blogger almost_frei said...

dumb dumb dumb... they are soooo clueless.

7:56 AM  

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