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Friday, March 31, 2006

Kudos, Dr. Schick

Dr. Marvin Schick has written an marvelous and thoughtful piece on the yeshiva expulsions, at risk children, and the Lakewood Internet Edict (LIE) here.

Here are some brief quotes:

"Fear is a dynamic force, a mindset that respects no boundaries. It feeds on itself, creating fantasy scenarios that do not correspond to reality and yet may result in harsh actions. In Justice Louis D. Brandeis's haunting language in a reference to the Salem witch trials, "Men feared witches and burnt women." We fear the outside world - rightfully - and we are ready to harm children.

As much as we must be concerned about the impact of popular culture and social permissiveness, our at-risk problem arises far more from the erosion of self-esteem through what occurs at school and often at home. This is confirmed by the at-risk situation in Israel. A significant number of youngsters from fervently religious homes have abandoned their religious lifestyle, engaging in severe anti-social behavior, often including violence. The actions of these youths called shababnikim cannot be attributed to the Internet. . . .

I am appalled by the announcement by Lakewood yeshivas and Beth Jacobs that all children in homes that are Internet-accessible and have not received the requisite approvals from local rabbis will be expelled. All children! The very thought should be repugnant. In order to possibly prevent some children from being at risk, we are prepared to take innocent Jewish children and make certain that they will be at risk! Not only is this wrongful policy announced, it is lauded in the recent Jewish Observer issue devoted to the at-risk problem - and by a respected Torah personality. . . .

The 'if in doubt throw it out' attitude that used to be applied to food products is now being applied to Jewish children. "

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Anonymous deerson said...

please define for me the difference between neurotic fear and Yiras Shamayim. this must be done in english without the aid of yeshivishe sprach which only obfusicates the issue. thats means obscure which could be dumb down to blurred or if you want to go colliquial (my spelling is still atrouscious) fuzzy. once these two fears have been delineated we might be able to understand why Lakewood is in love with censorship, bans and social explusions from the yeshivos and bais yaakov's which are not allowed to have any childern who do not fit into societal norms. They may have chasvasholom a negative influence on their beloved kinderlach. i thought having amunah bHashem makes a person totally secure which allows true bitachon to flow forth to be make a person more inclusionary rather than exculsionary. oh well i guess thats just for theoritical discourse not actual practical application.

2:02 PM  

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