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Thursday, March 02, 2006


At a place where I sometimes work, a female worker had a screen saver which rotated through gedolim pictures. I saw Rav Matisyahu Solomon in the rotation and offhandedly mentioned "that's a nice screen saver - I am a fan of Rav Solomon's and have been inspired by him, but I can't digest his position on banning internet".

She responded "don't talk to me about internet - I'm getting divorced and internet is part of the problem".

This lady works on the internet all day.

There is a kabala which I have heard of from the Baal Shem Tov. It goes - if a person sees or hears something, it is an indication that what he saw relates to him somehow.

Does this mean I have to change my whole position?

Or simply realize the seriousness of the situation (which I have always tried to do)?

Or did the Baal Shem not mean this?

Or don't be superstitious?

Or wait and see?



Anonymous deerson said...

now we begin to become serious. a basic tenet in Torah Judaism is that nothing is by coincidence, every step one takes thru life is with Hashem's guidance. every man is an olam katan. we take that microcosm and project that to the most objective Daas Torah position possible for that given individual. many things in life are a para adumah the internet is one of them. one man saam hachaim is another man's saam hamavis. there are certain areas of Torah the writer stays away from at present because he knows they are not what he needs at this moment that does not invalidate there kedusah and taharah. one must be brutally honest a personal truth does not neccesarily translate into a moral imperative for the next person. Rav Solomon is speaking as Godol to a mass audience to promote the greatest good and lead Klall Yisroel. He has very little room to manuever his choices are very limited. In the end Baal Shem and the Vilna Gaon were not argueing they were just using a different kind of terminology to say the same thing to fill the needs of their respective communities.

11:32 PM  

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