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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Study Indicates 1/3 of Israeli Ultra Orthodox Use Internet

A University of Washington study of 14,000 chareidi internet users indicated that despite bans, almost 1/3 of chareidim use the internet.

Internet usage was more evenly distributed among income levels than among the general population.

If you go to the link, note that there is a PDF file attached to the press release with the complete study.


Anonymous deerson said...

Judaism is the source for all creative life giving culture on planet earth. we are not a religion of death. the life giving vibrancy of the Torah infuses each neshama to seek out his or her Maker. we are not about self flagellation mortification, or ascetic denial. the lesson 101 of Torah Haskafa is that the yid is put here in his world is to raise the materialistic mundane existence to higher spiritual plane by his perfomance of doing mitzvos. for some the internet is a poison and for others it is a means of communication. shmiras halashon is a very broad topic and cannot be easily quantified in specific rulings for psak halacha. the internet falls under the hilchos shmiras halashon. choose life. the Torah is a Samm HaChaim. the washington report only indicates what has been know for a long time Yiddishkeit is a alive and well.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Leapa said...

we are not a religion of death.
As opposed to the peaceful religion where hundreds (sometimes thousands) die annually in a symbolic stoning of the devil, yet the only care they have is dignity and respect in the eyes of unbelievers.

7:57 PM  
Blogger pro ban said...

Are there 14,000 chareidi people working? Most defintely so.

And does the study say that 14,000 chareidi homes have internet????

What do these numbers have to do with yideshe children learning torah????

11:22 PM  

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