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Monday, December 05, 2005

Debate and the Chareidi Jew

Rabbi Berel Wein, doyenne of Jewish History, makes an important point in his November 18 article on Jewish History .

Throughout Jewish history, debate was the primary means of determining truth. Chazal's modus operandi was debate, which in and of itself carries a lesson for us.
Per Rabbi Wein, in recent times, strong Zionist leaders felt it unnecessary to give reasons for their decisions, and brooked no debate.

Only in recent times did major
litvish and chassidish leaders (or their hangers-on) expect to be followed without rationale, discussion, or question.

Do you think that
Gedolim of the past tolerated debate?

Hashem indeed changed his modus operandi?


Anonymous deerson said...

there is but one debate one discussions that matters and that is the Shakle VaTarya of the Gemorah. this blog and for that matter the Internet is only a neat little toy which the world can be used for the betterment of mankind as any technological advance has in its inherent potentiality. but the real world is the world of Torah. This world was created with the letter Hey. Not much effort on the part of HaKodesh Boruch Hu. The musar we can take from the Chazal is as the Chofetz Chaim says this world is worth about the amount of a mustard seed. Lets not get too hung up about right wing left wing doctrinare orthodoxies, however they are disguised in some intellectual sophistry of our right to have some input on the debate. its all part of our quaint historical point of reference being on planet earth in america in the year 5766. the nitty gritty technicals of any disclipline take hard work. G-d is found in the details not in talking about the great issues of the day. we might as well go back to asking is the theater really dead?

11:27 PM  

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