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Friday, November 18, 2005

Right? What Right?

The 'UN International Telecommunications Union' is winding up its' first ever global summit on the internet in Tunisia.

World opinion is united that it is unfair that the USA, the lone developer of the internet, controls it.

"The Internet is becoming a critical element of our lives," added Abdullah Al-Darrab, the chief negotiator for Saudi Arabia, in an interview. "What's needed are clear policies, and setting them is the right of every government, not just one."

Wall Street Journal reports: "Countries like China have been pushing for creation of a U.N.-monitored body to oversee the Internet."

Interesting that those countries with the most stifling control of the net, imprisoning webmasters and bloggers they can get their hands on, and allowing only government sponsored 'news' sites, advance a 'right' of their governments to set policy on a development (the internet) which they invested nothing in, and contributed nothing to.

Methinks those governments already have too many rights - as if any rights adhered to a government at all!

While I would be the first to advocate filtering for our spiritual well-being, that's none of government's business except in the most egregious circumstance.


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