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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stalking Horse or Deciphering the Code

Note: I've already posted on this subject, but since a blogger I highly respect felt it wasn't clear, I'm approaching the subject from a somewhat new angle.

In wars of the past, a device known as a 'stalking horse' was employed. This strategy involved sending an unfortunate horse towards enemy lines. When the horses' approach was detected, of course the opposing army would fire upon it, thereby exposing their positions for future attack.

The 'Bobov Maasehs' (hat tip to '
frummer') are serving as a stalking horse for other chasidusen and other krysen.

How so? When one sits down at a chasena or sheva brochos and the shmuz turns to R' Ben Tzion vs R. Mordechai Dovid, and the two respective shmuzers have about the same connection with either of them that Ayman Zawahiri does with Arik Sharon, they are probably using this machlokes as a stalking horse for their own krys. Especially if one of the shmuzers adamantly maintains regarding Bobov that 'things can't continue like this'.

Unfortunately, in our generation so orphaned even in comparison to the post war generation (or perhaps 'even' should be replaced by 'especially') many krysen can only look forward to apparently mediocre leadership in the current or the next generation. The Rebbe's or RY's children may not have what it takes. Maybe another member of the family or krys does have what it takes, or at least more of what it takes.

Now the 'revolutionaries' in the shmuzer's krys are pitted against the hard line conservatives. The revolutionaries shout "
Meritocracy!"(see previous post by Circle).
The conservatives rejoin "Never! A son must inherit the leadership". But neither side can afford to say what they mean, because both have to marry off their children. So Bobov becomes the 'stalking horse' for the future of _____________ (fill in the blank).

Why Bobov specifically? Because the race is tighter there. R' Ben Tzion is a son who looks like his father, was groomed by his father, and occupies his father's clerical real estate. Therefore, R' Mord'che Dovid shouldn't have had a chance.

Yet R' Mord'che Dovid is running neck-and-neck. This is a threat to the status quo which casts a long shadow beyond Bobov.

The world is watching.


Blogger ClooJew said...

I am a BIG fan of Bobov and I agree with you that ppl should be doing better things with their time than discussing a machlokes that (a) they probably don't understand and (b) they probably can't do anything about.

What, lulei demistafina, is a kris?

12:01 PM  
Anonymous kendall deerson said...

good grief said charlie brown all these political machinations over what. petty may be too kind of a characterization for this one. one of my great questions has alway been what do chasidim do for bitul zman. if this is it maybe watching hogan's heroes is a safer cleaner alternative when you have to chill out. relax by the way is not a four letter word.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Eliot Martin Glick said...

from the beautiful folks at jewlicious.com Posted on 08.31.05 by michael @ 2:43 pm

Chabad of Metairie (a large New Orleans suburb now mostly underwater) rabbi Yossi Nemes is trapped in his house. Rather than leaving, Rabbi Nemes decided he and his family would help to shelter people who for whatever reason remained in New Orleans and did not go to the Superdome. Now 13 people are on the second floor of the house, unable to go downstairs or leave because of rising floodwaters, and are running out of water. Rabbi Nemes contacted his parents earlier today to say that everyone was still safe, but time is not on anyone’s side in New Orleans. So please, everyone here, say a prayer for the safety of Rabbi Nemes, his family, and everyone still trapped in the New Orleans area.

Meanwhile, the 11,000 Jews of New Orleans are all homeless and scattered across the country. Please do what you can to help them, materially, spiritually, whatever. New Orleans’ Jewish community is almost three hundred years old - don’t let this be the end of it. You can read updates about the state of the exiled New Orleans Jewish community and about the situation of Rabbi Nemes on Chabad New Orleans rabbi Yochanan Rivkin’s blog here.

11:36 PM  

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