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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Settlers, Indeed

One egregious example of the cancer of political correctness is the very term settlers, a phrase which conjures up toothless shotgun totin' squatters swigging moonshine.

Regardless of the security calculus, people who have invested almost thirty years building homes, families, very creative and beneficial businesses, and most importantly a civil refuge in a part of the world known for extreme cruelty, planted amidst a jungle which will be remembered by history for homicidal manipulation of women and children deserve better than the term 'settlers'.

In fact, the settlers deserve a heck of a lot of credit even from those exemplars of moral enlightenment who say they should by rights leave.

(As another politically incorrect aside, the current human tragedy unfolding in Zimbabwe is largely a result of other highly beneficial 'settlers' being forced out.)

The 'settlers' are making the true sacrifice for peace, if peace there is to be. How about a little recognition, at least by calling them 'residents'?


Anonymous kendall deerson said...

the issue of the settlers has a short view of moral outrage and injustice. another sad chapter in the long line of Tisha B'Av tragedies. Add another one to the list. (the deportation began on Yud as we all know the fires of destruction of the Second Bais HaMikdash raged with greater intensity on Yud)But if you would ask me my personal political opinion they didn't belong there to begin with. Religious Zionism scares me because it has the potential to mix a brew of political and religious fanaticism. a very dangerous combination that leads to a viscious cycle of violence. In a perfect world i would glady make concessions over gaza for territorial intergrity for a lasting peace. but thats just politics and does not address the human suffering the uprooting of families and generational continuity of their homes. am i hedging of course i'm hedging who is not ambivalent about the no win situation that has festered for the last fifty seven years since the creation of political entity know as the State of Israel.

10:42 PM  
Blogger felicia85gilbert said...

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5:25 PM  

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