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Friday, January 14, 2005

Suggestion Department

A friend of a friend submitted that the suggestion in the original article to have a mechanism reporting to Rabbonim will not work because the community doesn't trust Rabbonim or their emissaries and particularly the emissaries' discretion.
That is sad , and I'm not saying it's true.

But it is actually similar to a comment one of the posts on the blog.

Any commentary on this points' validity?

Perhaps the reporting could be anonymous and return contact (if necessary) also be anonymous through a blind e-mail mechanism?
I.e. Mr or Reb X, if you feel you could be assisted in your viewing habits, please contact XYZ anonymously (there is a non-Jewish ministry dedicated to doing something similar for internet 'addicts' to inappropriate sites - and make no mistake, I am not recommending anyone go there)

In last Wednesday's Hamodia (American News section) someone with a similar problem has contacted Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski. A member of this column has communicated with Dr Twerski re his answer.

Any additional suggestions to achieve the same result of having voluntary protection and anonymity?


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