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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Internet Shtiebel

What's the story with the 'Internet Shtiebel' in Yerushalyim? (Internet Shtiebel is a supervised 'Internet Cafe' ' near Geula catering to chareidi clientele)

How have they managed to not get Kol Korahs against them?
Or has this writer missed something?

Can it be that a place full of B'nai Yeshiva and Chassidim conducting their business 24 X 7 which prohibits viewing inappropriate sites is kosher?

Are the kanoyim asleep at the switch?
(or is there hope? . . .)

And if this type of establishment is OK, how about Europe and America?

Footnote: Isn't the best way to ensure passing a moral test to do in public?
Privacy is the choice of those who surrender to temptation.


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