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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Quick Note

Our overseas readers may not relate to this post, but the outcome of the recent CBS News - Dan Rather scandal again emphasizes the importance of the Internet.

Mr. Rather, a true icon of American journalism, and CBS were brought down by a couple of amateurs writing in a blog!

Similarly, Howard Dean, now running for Democratic National Chairman, was created as national figure by blogs.

Chareidi newspapers are great - but if we're not on the internet we've missed the bus. The internet (specifically blogs) is where the action is today. And there is definitely potential for good there.
I'm not a Lubavitcher. Many of us think Lubavitch is good for the 'distant'. Maybe the true lesson of Lubavitch success is for us, to show us how to succeed and prevail in our spiritual level amidst changing times, places and circumstances.

Mechanchim note: vaccination is the best cure.

A parent who does not vaccinate their child today can lose custody of the child.

The importance of spiritual vaccination to deal with the outside world is no less great.

I am aware that this approach was considered and not popular in the past. But the times are changing.

I submit for your consideration that our korbonos are due to lack of 'vaccination' rather than lack of separation.

And at the risk of ridicule it seems clear to me that this is our message from Above.


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