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Monday, February 26, 2007

Rabbonim Challenge

At a recent simcha, I guardedly verbalized my own position on the internet after listening to someone (who is on the net all day) expound on how terrible the internet is. I said the problem is that we're not facing the 'net with reality glasses.

He challenged me: "Tell your Rebbe* or your Bais Din what you are telling me".

I demurred, saying the Bais Din is not always free to say what they please (because in our community many Bais Dins serve at the sufferance of a Rebbe).

He then challenged again: "Ask any Bais Din, then. Or ask Rav Rosenbloom, or whomever - any Yiras Shomayim Bais Din"


I have heard that the Stoliner Rebbe and R' Chaim Kohn, formerly of Machon HaHoyroa and KAJ have realistic views of the internet. Jnet also has a secret Bais Din who presumably have some acquaintance with the subject.

Who else?

*(My Rebbe, if indeed I have one, is over the ocean, and not the shmoozy type, at least to me. Further, Rebbes do not have the same obligation to answer that Rabbonim do.)


Blogger TheProf said...

There is no question that the internet is fraught with danger and affords those who want to find the dangerous sites with an easy access to them. Many are the anecdotal stories of marriages broken and children exposed to sights they shouldn't ever see. But as has been promulgated here so many times before, the answer is constant education concerning these dangers and chizuk by mechanchim and rabbonim in preventing these occurances. The internet has become an important tool in everyday life, both business and personal, to so many people. I'll reiterate the slogan of the NRA. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. The answer to yiddishkeit problems has never been to assur but to engage in strong efforts of constant chinuch. And just as chinuch is a life long effort, so is chinuch concerning the internet a life long effort. Rabbonim and mechanchim should be addressing their concerns about the dangers of the internet to klal yisroel on a constant basis. Instead of ranting and raging against its use, they should direct their words to enjoining people to be ever more careful. Education is power and educating the masses will bring about a turnaround in the current problem.

4:38 PM  

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