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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Court's Findings Will Be Interesting

News article excerpt:

The extent to which the Web has penetrated even the strictest haredi circles is demonstrated by a current Tel Aviv District Court case. 'I. A.'(ed), a well-known Gerer Hassid, sued "ploni almoni" (John Doe), the nickname of a chat room participant on the Chatzrot Hassidim (Hassidic courts) forum.

'A' said ploni almoni slandered him by reporting on the forum that he had brutally attacked another man. 'A' is demanding compensation for damages caused by ploni almoni's posts. The success of 'A's case depends on proving the popularity of the Internet among his fellow Gerer Hassidim.

Due to the context of the quote, and the mention of a name, I am not providing a link.


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