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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Leapa Gets Into the Old Media!

Well, orthomom gets all the credit, but the "Why I Am Anonymous" post has made into a front page article in the Five Towns Jewish Times, a real live print newspaper, here.


Blogger TheProf said...

I've pretty much supported Leapa's ramblings here on the internet issue. In a previous comment I've also supported his decision to be anonymous and being a friend, advise him to remain so. Kudos on making it into the "big time" Ortho media, albeit not as close to home as Foster Ave. I think Larry Gordon has very accurately reported the issues at hand in the orthodox community and some of the reasons why these bloggers write and why they remain anonymous. Blogs are truly a huge problem, as noted by the mainstream speaker at their annual convention. Blogs offer the ability to profess questionable positions and concepts which are accepted by the average person as absolute truth when in fact are often quite contrary to halacha and hashkofa. Many seemingly "good" blogs are in fact written by people who have an axe to grind against the yiddish community and its leaders and whose ideas are accepted by the average person because they sound good and often are tragically fairly true. Of course our community has problems and yes these issues are quite often swept under the carpet. It's a very fine-lined dichotomy of conflicting concepts and I really don't know how to address it. And that generally means "shev v'al taaseh" and "dei mah l'heishiv l'apikores" which I'm not sure I can do. And in the end, people with questions often won't accept answers anyway. While I support the concept of access to the internet and the solution being educating the community in the ways that the internet can be used while adhering to yiddishkeit, I strongly feel that the bloggers should be banned because more harm comes from them than benefit, while the internet can be a strong benefit to everybody if used properly.

10:39 AM  

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