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Friday, December 08, 2006

Official Spokesman of Aguda Airs Thoughts on Secular Education

Here the esteemed spokesman of AM Echad and the American Agudah in Israel opines that it's not so terrible if our kids know the three R's.

But at the Aguda convention it could have been viewed as poison in milk - unless it was only rhetoric.


Blogger TheProf said...

Not exactly a comment on this blog but an interesting observation. Going back to this blogspot's original premise that there are definite benefits to the internet, I'd like to make note that of the 3 major orthodox organizations, Agudah, Orthodox Union, and Chabad, the latter two have really wonderful and useful websites with an ocean of quite useful Judaica knowledge resources. In fact, there's an excellent Daf Yomi shiur online which can be listened to directly or downloaded in MP3 form. A service ostensibly the purview of the Agudah. This blog's author has extensively criticized the Agudah since just prior to its annual convention concerning the Agudah's official stand against anything internet related and I've countered on many points. But I must agree with the underlying point constantly promulgated here that the internet has a great many benefits and can't be blanket assured. It's beyond a gezeira that rov tzibur ein yecholim laamod bo.

4:05 PM  

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