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Monday, October 16, 2006

Et Tube, Breinde'?

I've known about YouTube for a year or more now, 'cause I'm a geek. I've consciously avoided it because modesty is not among its virtues.

So imagine my surprise when I come in one day find my very frum ezer kenagdo watching YouTube. No, she wasn't watching the newest campus amateur video. She was watching her (and my) einiklach in E. Yisroel play. My equally 'frum' daughter-in-law, wife of my kolel son, posted (privately) videos of the kids so we could enjoy them.

Since I highly doubt that my daughter-in-law discovered YouTube by herself, I presume that lots of 'learning' children' in E. Yisroel are doing this, to give their parents nachas.

Of course, ads for other YouTube videos are running down the right side of the screen, including movie trailers and plain amateur crud.

Since the internet is prohibited, we don't have our own YouTube, so the thousands of impressionable chareidim are exposed to some of the best 'features' of 2006 popular culture.

Score this unnecesary exposure to prostkeit as one more success for the anti internet kanoyim!


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