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Monday, October 09, 2006

What Am I Missing Here?

Recently I was eavesdropping in shul on a story about an eminent Rosh Yeshiva / Mashgiach.
This is the type of person who speaks for and to hundreds, maybe thousands.
The type of gavra who is invited to speak in Lakewood. A talmid of one of the great builders of Torah in America who also has a large chassidishe following.

So, R' Plony, Shlita needed a car service right before Shabbos. And he was rightfully concerned that the car service driver (I presume a yid) might be mechalel Shabbos on the return trip.
At a red light, R' Plony became consternated, and asked why the driver was stopping. A fellow passenger answered that there was a red light.

R' Plony answered "gehinnom is worse than a red light"!

1. Am I missing something here, or should the type of driving we (too frequently?) see before shabbos actually be encouraged?

2. Is there a point of chilul hashem here in defying laws (especially safety laws), and does chilul hashem also involve gehinnom, or only chilul Shabbos?


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