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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kosher Phones for America III ( or do we get results around here?)

As the run up to the introduction of the kosher phone for America, Hamodia (the kosher newspaper that the Internet must be protected from) is running a kol kora from leading American Roshei Yeshiva mandating the Kosher Phone.

If you need proof that the water is better here in America (see previous posts), the kk recognizes that businessmen may need additional services (i.e., e-mail) which are not available on the kosher phone, and are allowing use of these non-kosher phone modalities on regular phones for business purposes only. This means that, effectively, the kosher phones will be used by children, women, melamdim and kolel yunger leit.

There is, in truth, only minimal benefit to children and kolel yunger leit becoming proficient in 'phonology', (unlike the benefits of computer and internet literacy and self control) at this point in the development of technology.

Therefore, kol hakovod to the responsible and realistic Rabbonim and/or askonim behind the kosher phone.

PS: I have been told that Skver refused to sign the Kol Korah because it was not sufficiently prohibitive. If this is true, after the last several years of Skverer history, is it conceivable that they would speak out against honest people needing to communicate to make an honest living ???



Anonymous deerson said...

honest living? whats your damage? did you check your television listing lately, Father Knows Best was cancelled a long time ago. maybe you should have been watching The Life of Riley and you would have gotten things straight.

2:54 PM  
Blogger TheProf said...

I still haven't figured out what Deerson's comments to any of these blogs actually means. Maybe one day he'll make sense. Ata ny rate, I've been told by a major chasidish cellphone distributor that the so-called kosher phones can easily be used to send text messages and access the internet. Not sure where that leaves the investors in their monopoly position of supplyng kosher phones.

10:40 AM  

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