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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Anniversary

This blog is now one year old. Unlike some blogs with more erudite bloggers or other blogs with more shkutzishe bloggers, this blog has not been a roaring success in terms of readership.

However, I appear from the numbers to have some steadies.

And I'm still giving voice to an opinion I feel should be heard.

This is my way of speaking out against de-facto hypocrisy, and against a hijacking of our religion by new and foreign anti technology influences.
But while the internet can and broaden out one's contacts, thoughts and knowledge of viewpoints within Rabbinic Judaism, it does not and cannot be allowed to dilute our commitment to Torah and the service of Hashem.

May the blessing of Chanuka reach us all abundantly. The Chashmonoyim fought a form of forced and mindless thought conformity. Such attempts at thought control have historically never succeeded long term, and they will not succeed today.
We will find a way, BE"H.


Anonymous deerson said...

Rabbinic Judaism catchy name maybe you should change the blog's name from Future of the internet for Orthodox Jews to Rabbinic Jews. on a serious note who exactly are these influences of anti-technology if not our Gedolim. anyway happy anniversary.

6:46 PM  

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