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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Last Licks

It's the last Shabbos of the year.

We all turn to thoughts of self betterment and making up with our Creator at this time of the year.

There's a saying, particularly popular in chassidishe circles (hakol holech acher hachitum), equivalent to 'all's well that ends well'. Or to put it another way, in the never ending fight with our baser side, the side which lands the punch at the end of the boxing match wins.

I, and perhaps many of us, have plenty to regret the past year.

Let's make this last Shabbos of the year our own 'knockout punch', and show the ref upstairs how we want him to remember us when he views the replay videos.

Let's watch our eyes, our mouth, say 'Good Shabbos' to people who don't dress like us or speak the same language, use the remaining time well, and be grateful for one brain, two hands, two feet, and not being so hungry we can't think of anything else . Maybe learn a little bit more.

And recognize the fact that in the past year the besheffer didn't see fit to drown us in an attic desperately trying to bang our way out.

Shabbat Shalom
Git Shabbos
Good Shabbos


Anonymous der blatt said...

say 'Good Shabbos' to people who don't dress like us or speak the same language

what about people who carry on shabbos with the eruv can i say good shabbos to them

4:26 PM  

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