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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Daf Yomi CPR and Life Support

Some say chazal said 'bo Shabbos bo menucha' due to the many lomdei Daf Yomi who drop out during the five month Mesechta Shabbos marathon. If you:

>Have fallen behind and are giving up
>Only do amud alef with your chevrusa and don't want a zebra striped view of shas
>Aren't satisfied with or don't understand Artscroll's pshat

Then here are some useful web resources to get you back up to speed:

1. http://www.ouradio.org/index.php/daf (English) Comments: Takes 38-50 minutes - this is a lunchtime shiur posted approx 2:30pm EST weekdays - On Fridays 3 shiurim are posted for Fri,Sat,Sun. 'e-daf' displayed(old Vilna blatt). This is a Daf Yomi said for businessmen from an OU kashrus Rabbi.

2. www.yutorah.org/daf.cfm and http://cbey.org/shiurim/daf/dafframe.asp (English) The above two are the same shiur by Rabbi Shalom Rosner, a YU musmach with an undergrad degree in hard science. Posted early AM EST (it's a 6am shiur). Takes 35-45 minutes. The YU site provides 'e-daf' with a software 'magnifying glass'. No Shabbos shiur. Talks fast, packing a lot in, provides Halacha l'maasa where relevant, frequently brings Rishonim and Acharonim.

3. http://hadafhayomi.co.il/ Israeli site provides English, Yiddish, Hebrew, French shiurim. Meorot Daf provided (new print) with print option, but it's apparently scanned in so it's not sharp when printed. However, it is clearer than 'e-daf'. Posted for days ahead. Video of the magid shiur available for those with high speed connection. Yiddish and English shiurim are very clearly explained (the most detail and overview of the three), but take full hour with a dvar halacha at the end.

None of the shiurim go thru every Rashi on the blatt, but the shorter two are great for catch up. I've done 3 blatt on a motzoi Shabbos, although I wouldn't want to admit it or do it again.

Disclaimer: The internet is a corrosive, spiritually depraved wasteland with no redeeming value.


Blogger tuesdaywishes said...

Thanks! I'm passing these along to my husband, who is DESPERATELY try to keep up with my son. He's been in this since Eruchin last summer, and seems to be okay.

10:05 PM  

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