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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Encounter With Selfishness

At a recent Pesach Shalom Zachor a relative of the Baal Simcha arrived and the Baal Simcha , with precious little on the table due to the Passover limitations, offered his relative a l'chaim of Kedem grape juice from the bottle, saying 'this is the same you use at home, right?'

Well, R' Holier Than Thou answered him that he doesn't mish. The hosts' face fell. Holier then followed up by mangling an apocryphal story from an earlier Belzer Rebbe, who according to Holy's version, refused a donation of cucumbers (which R'HTT claimed didn't grow in Belz and therefore had to be imported) from a chasid and later found out they were watered with alcohol, thereby displaying both tzidkus and Ruach Hakodesh in one fell swoop.

He then stated 'now you see why I don't mish'.

Leapa's take:
My understanding is that the story actually involved carrots, the chasid later found out to his dismay that they were watered with beer, and the Belzer Rov accepted the donation with gratitude and later disposed of it quietly.
  • The tzidkus here is that the Belzer accepted the donation he did not intend to eat, making the chasid feel good twice - once when he brought the present, and again when the chusid informed the Rebbe that the carrots were watered with beer and the Rebbe presumably told him he didn't eat it.
  • While no Rov, I surmise that Shulchan Aruch has no kashrus issue with 'beer watered carrots'. The Belzer Rov, and all the rest of us, can eat whatever we want within the stricture of Shulchan Aruch. What we cannot do is make others feel bad.
  • I highly doubt the Belzer Rov intended to denigrate Shulchan Aruch yiden.
  • The tzadikim I have recognized and had the opportunity to observe have all sacrificed their own divine service for others, not built it upon the embarassment and even anguish of others.


Anonymous deerson said...

i keep missing something here. i thought sensitivity and a committment to ethical refinement is passe'. i thought this blog was all about the right wing-left wing
rhetoric that all the adults of this world are hung up with. middos tovos thats for the chaderim and yeshivos ketanos of the world.

12:40 AM  

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