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Monday, January 16, 2006

PTA Season

Inspired by the comments to a recent Hirhurim post about the Lakewood Internet Interdict:

Typical PTA Meeting of Parent Body With Menahel

  1. What Parents Can do to Help Your Childrens' Chinuch
  2. What Parents Should Do to Help Your Childrens' Chinuch
  3. What Parents Must Do to Help Your Childrens' Chinuch
  4. What we Demand Parents Do, or Family Will be Penalized
  5. Grounds for Expulsion
Due to shortness of time there will be no discussion.

Parent Body Meeting With Menahel According to Hashkafas HaTorah

  1. Requirement for educating child both in Torah and secular knowledge rests with the father.
  2. We Menahelim and Mechanchim are your shluchim due to your shortness of time and difficulty of Parnosa.
  3. We recognize that you have a great commitment to Judaism, and that is why your child is here. Therefore, what do you want from us, your Halachic shluchim?
  4. Discussion and follow up.


Blogger Leapa said...

Well, Deerson?

2:21 PM  
Anonymous deerson said...

many moons ago i read a book called worlds in collision by emmanuel valekofsky. subsquently i read a review on the book which quoted two experts in their perspective fields. one was a scientist whose reaction to the book was "i found the archeology finding fascinating but the science is bad science. while the second was an archeologist who said i find the science fascinating but the archeology is bad archeology. the moral of the story is someone on the inside of any discipline or business knows the underbelly and pitfalls of his expertise. chinuch is no different. its a people business and unfortunately people operate from certain psychological dynamics no matter what their orientation. in a people business you have ideologues and you have pragmatists. unfortunately we are living in a society of ideologists code name fanatics. hopefully there is still room for us pragmatists.

7:57 PM  

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