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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Melava Malka Maaseh or Catch 22

Poor Gimpel had no parnosa.
His kids were dressed in hand-me-downs no longer fit to be further handed, a school trip or camp was a financial crisis and his wife, a true Eshes Chayil, was just beginning to think in the recesses of her mind that her husband was either inept or lazy.

One Motzai Shabbos, after he finished Eish Chusid, Gimpel's wife approached about going to the Rebbe for advice.

Gimpel, a fine chassidishe student of a major non-chassidic yeshiva in a renowned 'yeshiva town', was not eager to go for the etzah, but he realized he had no choice.

He wrote up a kvitel, and went to the Rebbe.

The Rebbe was very warm and concerned about Gimpel, and held both of Gimpel's hands as Gimpel laid out his situation.

The Rebbe told Gimpel: " I have no quick fixes for you. However, my heilige zaydes told people in your situation to go to the marketplace and BE"H some deal will come up to help you".

Heartened by the blessing, Gimpel went home, and slept better than he had in weeks.

In the morning, he went to minyan, and asked two friends if there was a 'marketplace' in town. His friends laughed, and said there was once a market with booths and stands at Brown Street between Pitcairn and East Town Avenue. Many Orthodox Jews both before and after the war had gotten started on their way to large fortunes there.

But the neighborhood had changed, and it definitely was not an area for Gimpel to look for 'the first deal that comes along' - unless the deal were to be cocaine, and the proceeds 20 years of room and board courtesy of Feter Shmiel. Gimpel's friends told him: "today the real marketplace is at Simon Mall - there are hundreds of stores there competing and profiting".

So Gimpel hitched a ride to Simon Mall.

Gimpel didn't see any Jews among the store owners at Simon Mall, though there were plenty of Orthodox, and even Chassidic, shoppers. But Simon finally took his heart into his throat, and struck up a conversation with a Jewish-looking store manager at the mall. The manager was indeed Jewish, and Gimpel told him that he was looking to get starting in business or trading. The manager told Gimpel "I don't want to hurt you, but you're in the wrong place. Rentals here run in the tens of thousands per month, and stores must be open seven days a week or there is a substantial fine. Even a kiosk in the aisle is expensive. Why don't you try the internet? I have friend who is doing pretty well on e-bay, and he just opened a web site. He is literally selling garbage that people would toss, but there are others willing to pay good money for it."

Gimpel realized that now he had perhaps come to the point of the Rebbe's brocho. He borrowed an old computer from a friend, hitchhiked on a local WiFi connection and started to explore e-bay. But his wife told him that the school his children attended prohibited internet, so he decided to go to the Mashgiach of the yeshiva he once attended for permission to use the internet at home.

The Mashgiach was friendly and happy to see Gimpel, but when the conversation turned to internet his face became serious. The Mashgiach outlined to Gimpel the dangers of going onto the internet, and while he understood Gimpel's problem he said he could not permit internet use from home if he didn't know what business Gimpel was in and why he needed it.

Gimpel told him: " But that's just the point - I'm looking for business, and the internet is the only place you can do that today!"

But the Mashgiach told Gimpel that he could not take the chance of Gimpel 'surfing' - he had seen too many tragedies.

Once he had a concrete business, he would be welcome to return to ask for a heter.

Well, Gimpel explored e-bay, and he did found some opportunities. Today Gimpel has a small but profitable business operated from home through a web site on the net, and he is supporting his wife and children.

And today Gimpel lives in a modern orthodox community, where a heimishe can get a break.

Note: Any similarity to any person or place is coinc


Blogger baal darshan said...

I wonder if gimpel still says Eish Chusid on motzai shabbos. Probably not, as the minute shabbos is over, he runs to the computer to check how much he told sold over shabbos.

Gimpel didn't get the Heter, Right? so he now live in a mo town where they take kids with internet. I wonder if gimpel's kids (is his name now George?)even know what a mashgiach or a rebbe is.
Poor Gimpel. He finaly made it in Gashmius and gave up his ruchnius for it.
Another succes story for the satan.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have we reached the point where supporting a frum family honestly is a "success story for the satan"?

7:09 PM  
Blogger baal darshan said...

"Have we reached the point where supporting a frum family honestly is a "success story for the satan"?"

Getting a job with a porn company can also be an honest job.
But that isn't the jewish way.

If a job leads up to -

"And today Gimpel lives in a modern orthodox community, where a heimishe can get a break."

I'd think twice about it. Because Gimpel's kids will grow up totaly assimilated from heimishkeit (Rebbe's, Rosh Yeshiva's, Mashgichim etc.)

And Gimpel's granchildren? forget it.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous deerson said...

yes horror of horrors baal darshan maybe gimpel's grandchildren will finally drop all the externals and become Yiras Shmayim because there Zaide cleaved to the emes.

11:20 PM  

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