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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

3 Stooges

I don't envy the Israeli voter's choice in the upcoming elections.
(Of course, since my readership votes for Degel HaTorah or Agudah based on $'s and 'promises to not make things worse for us', and really lacks interest in the rest of the Zionist entity, maybe this post is somewhat disengenuous).

In any case, Sharon, while not the Rabin 'diety' he is rapidly being made into, was definitely an individual whose stance was clear at a given time. In other words although he changed position over time, his position at any one point in time was crisp.

The three candidates for PM are inferior to Sharon because:

  • Amir Peretz has such extreme positions that he cannot garner even a Peres level showing without changing his positions fundamentally
  • Ehud Olmert, though intelligent is reputed to be an inept and self centered politician. Moreover, his way of thinking is unknown (except for the above), and his ineptitude can lead to his 'giving away the store'. Sharon was cannier.
  • Benyamin Netanyahu, probably the best Israeli speaker of both Hebrew and English since Abba Eban, has crisp stances and says the right things. Unfortunately, his last go round as PM showed that he has a disconcerting habit of repeatedly folding under pressure. While Sharon changed over time, he took the initiative in selling the American government on his positions. Plus, Netanyahu may have the 'Clinton disease', which is bad for our children and detracts from his focus.


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