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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Purim Kol Korahs

Kol Korah I

After great analysis and yishuv, the below signed hereby declare:

I. Klal Yisroel is too precious to be taken lightly in the matter of parnossas, which most of them sacrifice greatly for. Similarly, we will never consciously put a Jew in a situation of doing anything illegal or unethical. Therefore, we will do everything possible to encourage talmidim to find ehrliche parnosas, even if it means enhanced general studies. In addition, we will personally make sure general studies are taken seriously. Our intention is to take klal Yisroel back to the the time of our the avos when Jews never went to prison, and a face with a beard and/or peyos was the model of financial probity. Talmidim will be taught that reliance on emuna will be justified after normal hishtadlus to prepare our children for the outside, not after cutting corners.

II. We recognize that dor doros, Yiden have never feared general knowledge and free debate, and are congnizant that bans have been applied to many works which today are classics of the rishonim and acharonim, as well as movements which have added great strength to klal Yisroel. Therefore, no ban will be issued on the basis of hearsay evidence. We undertake to thoroughly and personally research both the positive and negative of any issue before issuing any public statement, as well as speaking to the full range of opinion on the issue. If time constraints prevent this, we recognize that kovod ha-torah is enhanced by silence, as per the Gra, Baalei Musar, and many Rishonim. (This will not effect our duty to give personal advice)

III. No child will be barred from a yeshiva due to deeds of his parents. Period.

IV. We recognize the Internet has many useful aspects, as well as many dangerous ones. We will therefore personally commit to fund raising for a machon to develop technology to enable Jews to benefit from the positives without be entrapped by the negatives. We will develop chinuch programs and baalei aytza in yeshivas and communities to help individuals deal with temptation. We will not develop one-size-fits-all programs. We will familiarize ourselves personally with the internet, and develop websites as well to fill our students' and congregants' needs in an acceptable manner.

V. We will not listen to 'askonim' who recommend action on threats without first hand knowledge.

VI. Ethics, and Derech Eretz kodme l"Torah will not just be used as weapons to counter chutzpa to the hanholo of yeshivos or rabbonim. It will be the keynote of Jewish chinuch, including our attitudes to other groups, moderne yiden, and goyim. Serious curricula on the above will be developed in the most chareidishe mosdos. (Of course, in the spirit of Purim, treatment of English teachers will be exempted from the above)

Kol Korah II

We the undersigned completely disagree with the above. We are therefore rejecting all aspects of the modern world, such as technology, secular education, and knowledge. The following exceptions will be made:

* Anything required for government programs

*Anything required to get money from goyim

*Anything done in private

*Anything done by someone else for us

*Anything required for convenience

In addition, the primacy of Torah requires that we ignore derech eretz. Exception will be made for dealing with wealthy donors, and government officials as needed.

Since we will not be metame ourselves with research, we will give presigned kol korahs to our askonim, to use in connection with Daas Torah. This will save our valuable time.

Finally, we will not move away from the communities where our brethren of the kol korah above live. We will stick around to embarass them.


Anonymous kendal deerson said...

in what context do we put this Purim Kol Korahs. is it a political manifesto or is it closer to the 97 letters nailed to the german monastery by martin luther king? is there a spectre haunting the frum world? or perhaps is it within the Purim tradition of sending letters. but of course we must ask ourselves which set of letters does this Kol Korah most closely resemble? the letters sent out by Mordechai HaYehudi or
Achashveroush The ___________

i'll let the reader fill in the blank. sorry if you were expecting a clearly defined answer there never are, many moons ago a good friend of mine once chastised me in making bombastic value judgements. of course at the time i thought he was smug about nothing. perhaps we have experience a role reversal, apt i suppose for the season

8:50 PM  

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